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Transparency and pragmatism will be the key words throughout your life as a candidate. APR – L’Atelier Parisien du Recrutement is your consulting partner and will live with you the vagaries of the obstacle course that is the search for new professional opportunities.

Confirmed expert or beginner, APR – L’Atelier Parisien du Recrutement will help you find your next challenge!

Whether you are monitoring the labour market or thinking about your career, APR – L’Atelier Parisien du Recrutement is with you. We redefine together your goals, your desires, your ambitions and determine the best action plan.

APR – L’Atelier Parisien du Recrutement helps you adapt your CV to your aspirations and coaches you throughout your life as a candidate: you manage your career and know how to promote yourself in interviews.

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Candidates Coaching

We help you be ‘the perfect candidate’:

– we write a professional CV for you and adapt it to your LinkedIn profile.

– we build up your interview structure and help you be the best candidate you can be

Business lines

  • Industry
  • Food industry
  • Energy, environment
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical, chimical, healthcare
  • Tourism, hotel, catering
  • Banking, insurance
  • Construction
  • Hospitals, social
  • Fashion
  • Services
  • Telecom and internet