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You are a candidate in a market in revolution, you must stand out and have few opportunities to do so: with your CV and during your interview. It is therefore essential that you respect the rules of the game in the recruitment market.

As an expert headhunting firm, we search, view, choose, filter and select dozens of CVs every day. We therefore know the tools used and their subtleties, particularly related to artificial intelligence, which allows us to write you a CV that will be looked at, hunted, solicited more … and therefore which will have more chance to integrate a recruitment process!

We therefore suggest that we write your CV for you in classic professional formats and we focus on working on your CV in depth. Finally, we are adapting this new CV to an essential tool in today’s job search: LinkedIn.

You have passed the first door thanks to your new CV, you must now know how to present yourself for an interview. There are of course as many interview styles as there are people on Earth, but that doesn’t mean everything goes!

We offer to build with you a technique adapted to the expectations of specific recruitments while respecting your brand.

We review the entire process together while respecting a simple quality system: 5W2H (Why? What? Where? When? Who? How? How many?) Which will allow you to know how to position yourself at your next interview.

It’s up to you to choose the formula that suits you best!

CV & LinkedIn

Professional CV creation
& LinkedIn adaptation
219 tax incl.
  • Preparation questionnaire
  • Professional CV writing: work on the substance / classic form
  • Three-quarter hour interview
  • CV written in French or English
  • Adaptation of the new CV to the LinkedIn profile and account settings

Coaching Interview

Job interview
299 tax incl.
  • Two interviews of one hour each by video
  • Preparation for HR or operational interviews
  • Specific presentation techniques
  • Personalized follow-up

CV LinkedIn & Coaching

Professional CV creation & LinkedIn adaptation & interview coaching
449 tax incl.
  • 'Professional CV creation & LinkedIn adaptation'
  • 'Coaching job interview'
  • Personalized follow-up