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Gioia Diomede
Founder and President





My definition of headhunting?

The partnership created between an organization and a headhunter to find and hire the best and most qualified candidate for an open position while enhancing the groups’ employer branding and with due regard for the talents’ career path.

Who am I ?

The Master in purchasing and supply chain management of Audencia business school opens the doors to an exciting first life in Operations in SMEs and complex international organizations.

I then specialize in the recruitment of experts with the aim of creating high-performing business lines by capitalizing on my knowledge of the challenges faced by SMEs and international corporations. I can thus quickly capture the need and respond effectively. Speaking fluently three languages ​​is just a little extra in this international context!

Why did I create APR – L’Atelier Parisien du Recrutement? And why choose me?

First of all, any recruitment is a source of worries (financial in the first place) both for the one who recruits and for the one who is recruited: I am proud to support clients and candidates on this journey – often strewn with pitfalls. My role is to create the meeting opportunity between two parties who will find it beneficial to go a long way together.

Furthermore, in a hyper-competitive market, I note that clients and candidates need a listening and understanding consultant more than a salesperson.

A message to employers and candidates?

Employer and candidate: you are unique, let’s enhance your potential together!